of the Festival

Photography exhibition depicting images of past Asian leaders and their African allies Concert featuring musician Eric Wainaina.

Fusion dance performances based on the traditional Sikh Bhangra dance, choreographed by Vishakha Shah.
Launch of the fusion band – Kachumbari by the AwaaZ team.
Today, Kachumbari is renowned for its blended tri-heritage sound (Asian, African and European) and is a collaboration based on the use of both traditional and modern instruments.

‘Oceans Apart’ and ‘Broken English’ – Spoken Word Production & Performance by spoken word artists – Shane Solanki and Yusra Warsama from England.
A ground breaking and controversial live debate entitled ‘Jungu, Miroo, Choot’  at the University of Nairobi, hosted by Citizen Television Anchor Jimmy Gathu.
A photography exhibition entitled ‘Daily Life’, showing images of racial integration in Nairobi society at the National Museum
SAMOSA Kids introduced, with school children from very different backgrounds gathering to share art and perform dance and yoga.

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SAMOSA is rebranded, with a Brand Concept which reflects the festival’s vibrant approach to promoting social pluralism, cohesion and integration using culture, music and art.

The 2010 theme was selected to demonstrate the belief that when cultures encounter each other, the first reaction need not be one of fear but rather one of anticipation, excitement and expansiveness.  The productions in 2010 reflected the beauty and emergence of a unique interface when two or more cultures were brought into encounter with each other.

Tribanghi Dance Theatre – an international act which showcased a blend of the classical Indian Bharat Natyam and Zulu Warrior dance styles.

Concert under the Stars – Nairobi’s first collaborative concert held at the National Museum of Kenya featuring Maia von Lekow, members from the Villagers Band (Tim Riungu and Kenny Mbathi), Different Faces Jazz Club (Parseen Edward), and Indian classical musicians Nitin Satish, Kirit Pattni and Prasad Velankar.

Poetry Performance (Speak ‘n Sketch) at Alliance Française featuring Kenyan Slam poets who spoke while artists interpreted the poetry on to canvas.
SAMOSA Kids and SAMOSA Sports, two signature events of the festival, were hosted by Brookhouse School and the Nairobi Gymkhana respectively.

Who is a Kenyan? A Panel Discussion moderated by media personality Julie Gichuru featuring NCIC Commissioner Alice Nderitu, Keith Pearson, Social Change Activist Ngunjiri Wambugu, SAMOSA Trustee Zarina Patel, Scholar Rafique Keshavjee and Transformation Specialist Tazim Elkington.
SAMOSA launched its Mentorship Program and prominent business management consultant Sunny Bindra facilitated the Mentor Training.

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