BOOK LAUNCH: Joseph Murumbi

Launch of a book by Karen Rothmyer titled ‘Joseph Murumbi – A Legacy of Integrity’.

Venue: The Alchemist

Time: 4.30 – 6.30 pm

Entry: FREE

The Murumbi interviews represent one of the few acutely observed, personal accounts of Kenya’s independence-era politics. As such, they are of value not only to historical researchers of the future but also to individual Kenyans, especially younger Kenyans, who want to know more about how their country came to be. After the publication of A Path Not Taken shortly Karen Rothmyer and Wendy Karmali both of whom had lived in Kenya through portions of the Murumbi years—agreed that the interviews were fascinating. But in order to appeal to a wide audience, they needed to be significantly edited and provided with context. This book is a product of this effort.